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From: kick barber
Subject: Boyzhair: Gorgeous Blond ViktorBoyzhair story by Kick (b/m, mast. underwear, hair)
Legal things are a personal matter. Respect the copyright and this is for
16+ only.Sometimes you see a gorgeous blond boy who got stuck on your brain.
The fantasy does the rest, dream along...Please let me know if your fantasy includes beautiful blonds too....Comments and suggestions are pthc lollipop
always very welcome blond Viktor.Viktor was blond, gorgeous blond. And he knew it. And he loved it. He
saw the eyes of passers by fixed to his dancing gold blond crown. He was a
boy fatale for almost everyone. A danger to the health of hearts of
passing pedo's. They did not even turned their eyes, they turned their
paces and followed the little 10 year old blond goddess till their brushing
pants had finished off their sudden aroused pricks.Viktor looked charming. His blue eyes could look pleading, wet, soft but
also ice cold. His smile made you melt, but his looks could go through you
as well....Viktor knew very well how to handle this appearance and his seductive
talents. No adult, no child ever could resist Viktor's wishes. He choose
the game to play, he told the end to swimming lessons, he told his teachers
and his parents when he had enough or when he wanted more. Viktor was very
over indulged, prudish being, leaving his parents and teachers in despair.
But they were unable to guide the self confident little boy. Viktor led
his own life, a life of only enjoying everything.... alone. He was the
boss in the end always. He always had the best treat. pthc nylons Viktor always found
a new victim to fulfil his wants. Viktor always knew what he wanted.
Viktor always got what he wanted.Viktor felt close to nobody. Except for himself. He loved looking at the
mirror to see himself with that golden blond hair dancing around his head.
He loved to comb it or put gel in it and change his hairdo in several
styles. This procedure always tickled his loins pthc underage fuck and often a combing party
ended in a jacking off to ease his jumping prick. Sometimes he managed to
have his mop of hair brushing his little stiff rod before the dry
ejaculations started making very wild movements. Soon his love for himself
and his hair would change in a far better way.Viktor wanted to play the guitar. It didn't take long or pthc laura 2007 somebody donated
him a splendid instrument. The somebody knew also a good teacher: Rick, a
little known artist, forming a duo with a keyboard player singing 70ties
ballades at romantic parties. But teaching was really the only income that
kept them going. Both freelols pthc loved to select students who meet more then their
musical abilities. But, being modest and shy, Rick never had an affair
with them yet.Viktor had studied the poster of his new teacher and discovered he and his
partner did not only play romantic oldies, but they looked heavenly too
with their Beatle shaped blond hair. They were good looking and had a well
shaped body with trousers so tight Viktor imagined he could see their
organs shadow illegal pthc porn in it. A new, unknown curiosity overwhelmed him. He
imagined himself as a third partner and dreamed of the three together
without clothes jagging their guitars.Going nn pants pthc to the first lesson Viktor wasn't unsatisfied. His teacher was a
young, slender strong built person who seemed to put all his attention in
his new student. The lessons were held in a small studio apartment where
his teacher lived and also had made himself a small recording studio.
Promising pupils were allowed to make small recordings, mostly to have a
present for celebrating grand parents. A small corner equipped with a
camera made it possible to make a nice cover on the C.D. or a small movie
to make the special present the greatest treasure given by the grand child.This photo activity had resulted in a wall of glamorous photographs of
smart looking boys. Many times Viktor looked at the pics and fantasized
himself in between them, smarter and bigger then any of them. Most of the
boys were photographed from above, so half of the picture showed their
hair, mostly glamorous combed. Puzzling faces under it, looking at their
guitar, showing just that part of the wide standing legs were they come
together and seem to hide more surprises. Some of the boys were even
standing in provocative poses, it made Viktor so eager newsgroups pthc to do the same more
provocative, without knowing why he felt like that. Now, for the first
time in his life, Viktor didn't know what he wanted, but it was surely
exciting to have such a unknown desire.He was glad when Rick one day took his camera and had him pose the way the
boys were taken. With his legs as wide as he could he expected to be the
most exciting boy of them all. He asked to be printed greater then the
other kids and Rick, already never able to say "no" to ziggy pthc Viktor of course,
promised to do his best.Several lessons had taken place and Viktor really seemed to be guitar
talent. He still adored the way his teacher Rick could play the guitar,
but he was a fast learner and with his well known charming persistence he
made his teacher to go far beyond time and attention to learn the most he
could. In his eager to learn more Viktor had also discovered that his
teacher wasn't difficult to charm by childish pleading and full
anticipation looking: Rick soon had made Viktor the ls island pthc blog
last pupil so that
nobody was waiting in the room. Rick already talked about forming a group
of young talented guitar players to form an new young stud group. Some
good looking boys were already mounted on the wall around the one child pussy pthc big
picture of Viktor.After each lessons Rick used to give each student who had done well a
treat. One time a sweet, other time a candy bar or he presented the best
student to buy an ice cream at the store next door. Surely Viktor was
treated the same, although mostly he was rewarded the top prizes. Sometimes
honestly earned, but more often honestly begged ls bbs pthc kds and charmed by the fair
headed rascal.Viktor felt very at ease with his teacher and considered Rick as one of his
first close friends. He also felt that Rick was even more easy to guide
then any other adult. He never felt a reluctance or a
distraction...whatever Viktor suggested Rick enthusiastically responded.
He felt a great future for the two of them.So one day to his surprise Rick couldn't offer his student a sweet nor
another treat. "I'm so sorry Viktor, but I totally ran out of sweets today
and my purse is empty too, you'll have to wait for next week" Totally in
disbelieve Viktor looked at his friend who before never let him down. In a
way to prove his sincerest face, he smiled and opened his arms. "Search
me, I'm not lying!" This sign was to much for Viktor. free pthc pics He immediately
jumped in the spread arms of Rick, now tumbling back in his chair.
Searching his friend was a way to have his hands fondling all over that
body that attracted him somehow a long time already. "I don't believe you,
can I look in your pockets?"
Rick just nodded and smiled, surprised by the sudden physical attention newstar pthc of
one of his hottest students. He was aware that this action didn't stay
unnoticed for his cock too. A little embarrassed he hoped Viktor wouldn't
go as deep. But the two little hands disappeared in his side pockets,
grabbing everything they could get a hold of. Rick felt his genuine pthc prick massaged
by the wild boy, while Viktor's head and hair just ragged under his nose.
The perfume of this blond hotty's head made Rick jump to ease the tightness
of animal pthc his loins. That movement made Viktor fall even deeper in his arms and
body and they looked now as two lovers at the climax of a wild cock play.
Viktor though enjoyed this body to body contact so much: he started to
throb his hips up and down, pleading for Rick to give up the money. "You
can search me everywhere" Rick said to his attacker, hoping that this
treatment would last longer. He held his young friend's head and looked in
his eyes, stroking the beautiful hair. "Next time you'll have a double
treat if you cannot find it illegal pthc porn now!" By jumping wilder and wilder little
Viktor explored the body of his friend and this play ended with a dry
ejaculation. Loud groans announced the boys first climax with another boy.
Viktor felt limb over his friend. Still gasping from his outburst Viktor
laid now fully in the arms of his teacher who could not resist stroking the
hair and face of his little attacker. Slowly he let one hand massaging the
thick neck hair and the other travelled down the spine and massaged the two
tiny butts of his little friend. Moaning and wriggling Viktor enjoyed this
new lesson from his teacher. child index pthc "Do you like it?" Rick asked his redundant
question. Only more moaning was the answer of Viktor, pleading for more
cuddling around his butt by waggling it pedoland tgp pthc strongly. Rick now softly kissed
the boy's golden hair and put his nose in the boys hair, smelling all that
boyish perfume that made litlle pthc bdsm free hot boys so irresistible.Viktor felt the stiff rod of his teacher rolling under his hips and
wondered if Rick felt the same as he had felt. Not knowing how to start
such investigation Viktor started pthc little another pulsing hip movement to teen pthc sex pics have
another go of that finest of all feelings. With Rick caressing and kissing
his hair he felt tgp dark bbs pthc even hotter then at home for the mirror.Due to the hot heat Rick had to open his shirt buttons. ls bbs pthc kds Viktor saw great
nipples pointing at his face and felt like putting pthc underage fuck his mouth on it. It
made him even feel hotter and now he could not stop licking and kissing the
beautiful torso of his child index pthc
beloved teacher. Viktor was so overwhelmed by this
love attack on all fronts that soon his prick started to fill itself, ready
for its outburst. It was not possible to stop the wild rivers in his belly
now, soon his sperm started to stream in his jockeys. Both boys were now
jumping up and down, clinching to each other to give way to fuck pthc little their final
spurts of their love weapon, one dry, one very wet.Again the two boys rested in each others arms, Rick caressing his new
little friend all over, and fondling and kissing that beautiful blond head
over and over."That was gorgeous Viktor, you are such a special boy. You are my champion
for ever. I hope you liked it, I can make this game it even nicer and
lasting longer if you want...." "Yes, I wouldn't mind coming every day,
Rick and play with you this search for the pthc lollipop money game all the time!" "All
right Viktor, why don't you come back tomorrow then and look again for the
money. I'll promise you it will be somewhere for real this time" "What time
can I come then?" "My last student leaves at 6, can you make it then?"
"Can't you cancel your students tomorrow afternoon, I can't wait that long!
Please, please? I don't want you to play our game with other students Rick,
I want to be with pthc cp bbs dorki you alone all afternoon!" Viktor as usual pleaded so
charming that Rick promised to cancel the other students and make all
afternoon one big lesson to find the money for his new little friend. "If
you want to stay my champion Viktor and find the money, you must promise to
tell no one of our special lessons, people will get jealous and start doing
nasty things to us both. Do you think you can keep our secret then?" "Of
course Rick, it's mine life and there will be nobody messing up with my
life!" mom daughter cp pthc Viktor's sturdy look made Rick feel secure that his little friend
was gonna keep their new adventure a top secret.Being later then usual Rick urged Viktor to go home. Viktor cuddled his
new friend with one more embrace, his nose in near his crotch and noticed
the wet spot in his pants. "Why did you pee just now?" Viktor asked
amazed. "Oh no my friend, this is no pee, it's my sperm, my love seed that
came special for you. Do you know what sperm is?" "O yes, it's what older
boys got if they screw. Did you screw then?" "You are just as nice as
screwing, partner, after all you're the best, you're mine champ!" "Wow, I
did make you screw then, you had sex! I guess that's a secret too then?"
"You're damm right little champ, don't tell anyone, I did it only for you!"
Again little Viktor hugged his friend, but put his nose in the wet spot,
sniffing the smell of it. "Sperm for me, it smells good. Please keep it
only for me Rick! It's now mine! bbs pthc dark I wanna take it home, give me your undie
I want to smell you all night now!" Surprised by such a strong desire,
Rick took his pants of and gave his friend his soaked undie, carefully
wrapped in a plastic bag.
Full freelols pthc energy and new experiences Viktor jumped on his bike, feeling a little
sore pedalling after the greatest outbursts his prick ever had made. Back
home it was time to go to bed and mom daughter cp pthc thinking it all over he enjoyed a few
more hot moments, smelling Rick's undie. Again making his hair seductive,
thinking how Rick would like it, and brush his prick with it, he was
planning how to make his hero Rick to have sex again. He wanted to feel
his hair around Rick's prick. He remembered it as a big thing, how nice it
would be to have all his hair wrapped around it!At Rick's place a young bewildered men was wondering for hours what
happened to him. His prick stood up all the time and had to be eased while
looking at the big picture of the pthc nude collection hottest little horny boy dee desi pthc story he had mounted
above his bed as well. What if he hide the money tomorrow near a sack that
is not a part of his pants?End of part one.
Comments suggestions very welcome.
Anyone wants to know what happens in part two:
"A gorgeous blond afternoon?"

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